>Get-out-a-here Green Dresser

>Since the closet in our room is hardly big enough for my clothes alone, my hubby is kind enough to live out of 3 different closets around the house. Getting ready in the morning is like a scavenger hunt. In and out of hallways- one closet to another-sometimes in the dark. Poor guy.

My parents were kind enough to donate this dresser to us so he could have some clothes actually in our room. As you can see, it is a bit outdated. It was actually my older sisters growing up so that means it’s WAY old… just kidding, Sis.

Despite what this picture conveys, it is actually in very good shape. Since we moved it from Camdenton, the drawers weren’t put back in properly and I had begun to remove the handles before I rememberd to take a before picture. So it’s not as bad as it looks.

So while Austin was off watching the Mizzou basketball game with the dudes, I got to work.

Instead of sanding it by hand, I used my dad’s electric sander. People- this thing has changed my life. I had no idea of the power in this little beast. The whole thing was sanded within 10 minutes. A task that would have taken about an hour by hand. Thank you father!

So after sanding, wiping it down, and priming, I began the fun stuff. Painting! This time I used spray paint. Figured I would do a neutral color since it was going into a crowded bedroom.

Two cans of spray paint and a very sore index finger later…

I love it!
Here’s a closeup on the handles I picked out from Hobby Lobby.

That evening, Austin moved his clothes from the hallway closet into his new and improved dresser. The irony is, all his clothes didn’t fit. Despite the good intentions of helping out my husband, he now has his clothes spread out between four different places instead of three.


One thought on “>Get-out-a-here Green Dresser

  1. >Now that's love! Living out of 3 closets, he's a keeper! You did a great job and the knobs are great too. You can get a spray trigger that is a big help on the finger when you use spray cans.

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