>Mission: Wall Repair

>A while back, I wrote a post about the water stains on our kitchen wall and ceiling from the broken pipe. Well, after a couple weeks of step-by-step renovation, our kitchen wall is better than ever!

The project began with me scraping off the peeling paint in our cabinet and wall. As I was doing this, I started to feel a little nauseous and got a little freaked out by the possibility of lead paint. I didn’t have mask handy so half a bandanna had to make due. Bring it on water damage…

After scraping off all the little peelings- a task that provided a lot of satisfaction- Round two began.

Janny Drover gave me some great words of wisdom when painting over water damage. Prime. Prime. Prime. So that’s what I did. Again, it was so satisfying to see these nasty yellow spots disappear under the pure whiteness. I could smell victory.

Since it’s in the middle of winter, we couldn’t really open up the windows for circulation. The fans tried their best but the primer wasn’t dry by the time we had to leave that night. The next day I was headed out of town so the fate of our wall and ceiling was left to Austin. When I arrived back at home that evening I was oh-so-excited to see that he had completed the task left to him. Everything was beautifully painted and fresh.

Now the question was, how do we fill the empty spot above the oven? It used to be a stained glass piece that was left behind by the previous house owner but Austin I and both agreed we’d like some shelves for the spot. Since we still have some gift card money to Target, this was the obvious choice. I hunted online and landed on this little beauty.
I thought it would be a perfect fit for our little kitchen. After a little deliberation (because it was a little pricey), we decided to go for it.

It arrived a few days later but from the moment I opened the box, I was a little let down. Then when I assembled it, one of the shelves was a little warped. We both weren’t satisfied so we returned it.

That day Austin and I went to Lowes and found some shelves that we were happy with. I was willing and ready to get them up that day but by the time we got home, Austin was running dry on house projects. I’m learning his project endurance is incredibly shorter than mine. I’m also learning the skill of maximizing the hours he willingly contributes. I’m realizing that I am somewhat of a freak about home projects and decor so I have to tame my ambitions a bit to meet his.
About a week went by and the shelves were still in their packaging. I was itching to hang them and gently suggesting it throughout the week hoping to spur my hubby into a project mode. Finally, today was the day!

We measured, marked, drilled, hung, realized they were a little wobbly, compensated with duck tape, and did it all again for the second shelf. Again, having to compensate with duck tape. After adding a few decorative items, it was finished. Drumroll please…Another view.

Bet you can’t figure out where the duck tape is, can ya??

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