>Dysfunctional Home: Natural Disasters

>Natural Disasters are nasty things. What’s nastier about them is that the aftermath is almost as destructive as the event itself. On a very small scale, my kitchen is taking on this very nature.

Remember a while back when our pipe burst? Ya, while we were gone for a week in Colorado and came home to a saturated kitchen? Well we sure do. After taking safety precautions and calling in for back-up help, we were able to remedy the situation at hand. (Old pipe capped off, new one running underneath the house). However, like any natural disaster, there is an unpredictable aftermath.

Soon after the new pipe was installed, we began to catch scents of mustiness. Especially when we would open our drawers or cabinets that were along the wall that the pipe burst in. The mustiness remained and I soon noticed that the paint inside one of our cabinets began to peel.

At this point, I am realizing that our wall still has moisture in it from the water break. Our solution: Air it out.

So all day today, we moved about our kitchen with cabinets open and drawer pulled out. I considered putting a space heater to further along the process but I didn’t want to be a freak about it.

You would think that the only damage would be done in the wall, right?
Nope. A few days after we had fixed the pipe, I started to notice some strange coloration. In our ceiling! Take a look.

Yep. Yellow. Our ceiling has taken on random yellow splotches. My friend Sarah D. who is an interior designer informed me that discoloration was likely a symptom of water damage.

How the water got to my ceiling, I have yet to find an answer for. But it’s one of those things that is driving me crazy. It’s kind of all I see when I go into the kitchen. Austin doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it but he’s also colorblind so he loses some credibility in the debate of the discoloration.

Needless to say, a painting day is in the future. Anyone want to help?


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