I’ve been wrapped up in the world of blogs lately. Specifically those catered towards home DIY projects and making the home a prettier place. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting my own blog but was hit with the reality that the majority of our home projects are aimed at keeping our house functional and livable. I think if I did a home blog right now, it would have to be titled something along the lines of “Dysfunctional Home Owning.” A sneak peak post from the potential blog site would be…


Saturdays are great. I love sleeping in, making breakfast with my husband, taking my time reading, coffee sipping, and the feeling of not much to do. This particular Saturday, I motivated myself to go to the gym. After a date with the elliptical machine and free-weights, I headed back to our cozy home. As soon as I entered the door I was hit with a raunchy smell. Something resembling mold, mud, and sewage. I turn the corner to find Austin aggressively cleaning something in the sink. He informed me that he decided to tackle the slow draining sink in our bathroom. Lots of adjectives were used in the description of what he found in the pipe that he removed. Nasty-smelly-disgusting-gross-decomposing-hairball.

Here’s a pic for a better understanding of what he was talking about.

Anyway, after removing the critter, cleaning out the pipe, and uttering phrases like “hot-sick” and a sound resembling a puking noise “hluught” over and over again, he replaced the pipe back in its home.

After lighting close to every candle we owned, our house’s scent is back to normal.

Why be happy when you can own a house, right?


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