A strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring achievement or hard work

I am craving a project. I’m craving to get my hands dirty and do something new. There are so many hobbies I want to get better at. And for some reason, I feel like I need to do them all right now. I think what started it was this amazing website called Young House Love. (younghouselove.com). It’s about a couple who bought a 50 year old house and have made it their project to renovate it by themselves. It made me want to do home projects. My mental to-do list is running wild. It ranges from repainting a stool I bought a garage sale to knocking a hole in our bedroom wall and creating a second closet.

Another area I want to embark in is sewing. I want to make curtains, pillows, blankets, quilts, and other projects. I’ve always wanted to do this but for some reason right now it is bursting out of me.

Another hobby: cooking. As I was bobbing up and down on the elliptical machine today, I became fascinated with the Rachel Rae show. I want to know how to use spices, oils, seasonings, herbs, and more. I just wish I knew how!

Another one: Gardening. I can’t wait till Spring. My dad has said he is going to help me start a garden in our back yard. I have no clue how to even start but I can’t wait to reap the benefits. I just want to go outside right now and start.

I’m just feeling ambitious! Maybe I’ve been cooped up inside too long. Maybe God is slowly turning me into a house wife. Maybe I’m simply wanting to feel productive. Whatever it is, it’s about to burst inside of me if I don’t get going on something. Stay tuned for future projects.


2 thoughts on “>Ambition

  1. >I laughed at this post, as I saw a lot of myself in it…minus the sewing. We did our first garden this past summer at it was so fun. Even canned some of the stuff! One tip for gardening: automatic water timers are worth their weight in gold. Have fun!

  2. >One of the best sermons Tim Keel ever gave was about how as we reflect the characteristic of God as Creator. We too were born to create just like our Creator. So go for it girl! I vote you do a little of them all 🙂

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