>"Awe Fiddle"

Last night we celebrated Christmas with Austin’s mom and grandparents. After opening presents and stuffing ourselves with a huge meal, we settled in to a game of Rummy.

What Austin and I discovered was that people not in our generation possess a hidden language reserved for expression during games like Rummy. We were unable to comprehend the meaning of most of the words that came out of his mother and grandmother’s mouths. When we realized they were talking in gibberish, we decided to record some of the expressions for future translation. Here’s the list:

  • “Fiddle-do-dee
  • Oohey Louie”
  • “Dear Gussy George”
  • “Oh my gracious-sakes-alive”
  • Puddy!”
  • Omanomanoman
  • “Poo”
  • “Oh for Pete’s sake”
  • “That’s not.. hooptydoo
  • “Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle”

There were many more of these words that were said before we began recording. We hope to one day understand the meaning of these words and possibly implement them in our future card games.


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