>A Day in the Life

>of a student ministry director…

Today, I squeezed 10 high school girls in a minivan that only had 4 functioning seats. It was like a clown car when we pulled up and unloaded at Panera.
As we passed a cop on the way there, I had to direct half of them to duck down and the other half to act normal. The didn’t seem to mind. But seriously, what teenager minds undermining authority?


One thought on “>A Day in the Life

  1. >Oh it's good to know I'm not the only one breaking the law by cramming the teens into a too small car. I was at a bday party a month ago and we did a scavenger hunt. This time I was the extra body sitting in the hatch of an SUV. We got pulled over and it was the 17 year olds who were hiding me under a gorilla costume. I went unnoticed by the cop, but what could I have even said, "Sorry officer. Yes, yes. I know, I'm 28 years old."

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