>Estrogen is a funny thing

>I think when you get married there are some instincts that unexpectedly kick in. I don’t know if it’s hormonal or sociological. Either way, I have found that there are some feminine desires and behaviors that are unexpectedly coursing through my body.

  • I want to cook more. I have cooked and baked more in the past two months than I did in the past year. Maybe I’m wanting to use all my new kitchen gadgets. Maybe I like that someone is there to eat my stuff. Either way, my hobby for cooking has been rejuvenated.
  • I want things clean. I’ve never been all that messy but I’ve never been all that clean either. In the past, the dustball in the corner of my room used to never bother me. I could walk past it for weeks until it became big enough to move on it’s own. However, I now feel this odd instinct to clean and keep things shiny and smelling fresh.
  • I want a garden. The idea of me bringing in fresh peppers, potatoes, lettuce, snow peas, basil, cucumbers, and more is so appealing! I know it’s winter and I know I don’t have the time or resources right now to do this but I’m feeling the urge. I told my dad that I wanted my Christmas present from him to be a day in Columbia helping me start a garden. I don’t think he could be happier to give that to me.
  • Kids. Now don’t get the wrong idea. We are in no rush at all to have kids. But my attitude and desire for them has completely altered. About 6 months ago when people would joke around about us having kids, I would flip. It freaked me out. However, I have felt a shift in myself when the topic is brought up. I’m softened to the idea. I am seeing it a bit differently. Part of me wants it but the other 80% knows that we are in no place to even think about that right now. So until the time comes, we will have to be satisfied with our pooch to fill the void.

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