>A Love/Hate Relationship

>For the past 24 hours, there has been a meowing cat under our house. You would think that a solid foundation and hardwood floors would block out the small noise a kitten makes. Nope.
At times I feel very angry at this cat. It is interfering with the peace I hope to gain from being at home. It’s like a rhythmic noise that I can’t turn off.
Other times, I feel a genuine sadness and empathy for the kitty. In those moments, I open a can of tuna and put it in the crawlspace hole.
We’ve made relational progress though. It came within 3 feet of me yesterday.
But the dang thing won’t stop meowing. I get angry. Just shut up! I can’t sleep!
But then I think of it meowing for it’s mother that is never going to return.
More tuna.
I’ve never felt such an range of emotions for a stray animal.

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