>My relaxing day off

>Mondays are usually a day of rejuvenation for me. Since Sundays and Tuesdays are my busiest days, I carefully guard my Monday activities. However, today, control of my comfort was taken out of my hands. Here’s how it went down.

Sunday afternoon: Come home from church. Heat not working.
Sunday night: Heat still not working. House getting colder. Polly getting stressed.
Monday 7:30am: House is 58 degrees. Austin leaves for work. Polly cold and agitated.
9:00am: Austin calls and suggests Polly turn off and relight the pilot light on the furnace. (as if I know how to do that!)
9:15am: Polly successfully lights pilot light without blowing up the house.
9:20am: Polly even more agitated because furnace still not working.
9:30am: Austin makes an appointment with Company #1 to come look at furnace.
10:50am: Company #1 shows up. Figures out problem. Says its going to cost over $700. Suggests we just buy new furnace because ours is old and will have future problems.
11:00: Dilemma. Put a lot of money into something that is going to break? Put A LOT more money into something we will only use for 5-6 years. Much deliberation.
11:20: Polly calls her father for advice. He tells her some more questions to ask and to call another company for a second quote of the broken part.
11:25: Polly calls Company #2 who says they can fix it for $400. (a little relief)
11:45: Conners make decision to fix the old furnace rather than buy a new one.
12:00: Polly has to call company #1 and tell them they suck for trying to rip her off. (in nicer words of course)
12:45: Company #2 shows up and installs new part.
1:30: See ya $400 bucks.
2:00: House is warm!!!!!
2:00-4:30: Polly is still on edge for many reasons ($400 bucks-gone, making all these decisions, talking to all types of repairmen pretending to know what she’s talking about, cranky from not getting a relaxing day, etc.)
4:30: Austin gets home. Polly eventually starts to chill out and enjoy the evening.
6:30: Polly and Austin make a veggie pasta dinner. Delicious.
7:00: Polly and Austin start clean up process.
7:10: Polly rinses something down the garbage disposal.
7:11: Polly flips switch to garbage disposal
7:11: Garbage Disposal not working.
7:11: Defeated laughter


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