>Since October 10th

>Some things that have changed since we tied the knot:

  • I eat more meat
  • I watch more TV
  • To double check to make sure the toilet seat is down
  • Don’t leave leftover hair in the shower drain (it grosses him out)
  • Twice as much laundry
  • More stinky laundry
  • There is now cheese, beer, bacon, ranch dressing, and 2% milk in the fridge
  • The budget is in full force…kinda

Some things I’ve learned since we tied the knot:

  • How to play the wii
  • Sports knowledge
  • That I’m more of a snot than I anticipated
  • Cereal and yogurt are not a sufficient meal for a male
  • Austin likes a house project if it can somehow involve a power tool
  • No matter what you have in life, there is always a sense of discontentment
  • No other relationship can sanctify you more than a husband/wife
  • Always have frozen biscuits in the freezer
  • Grocery shopping together can be hazardous to the relationship
  • I have no poker face
  • I can always love more

3 thoughts on “>Since October 10th

  1. >I laughed out loud at this…particularly the comment about yogurt and cereal not sufficing as a meal for a male. This is true…nor does left over cake suffice as an adequate breakfast.

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