The picture above is from the outside of my house, looking in. Behind those white cabinet doors in the corner is my water heater. (Oh, as you can see, Sophie wanted to be in the pic). Try to look past the cute dog to the doors covering up the heater. I know, I know, what a creative way to cover up an eye sorer right? Well the location of this water heater is NOT ideal for many reasons.

One of the first times I took a shower in my new house, I got out and was toweling off when I heard a “knock-knock” coming from my back door. “CRAP!” I threw on some dirty clothes and went to see who my inconvenient visitor was. No one was there. I was so confused. Was it a knock-and-run trick from the neighbor kids? I was puzzled. I go back to my room, take off the dirty clothes and hear a “knock-knock” again. WHAT? Are they doing to actually show themselves this time? So I again throw on something appropriate real quick and go to the back door to find no one.

As I’m standing there perplexed, looking out in my back yard, I hear the same knocking noise from behind me. I realized then that I have a water heater that throws a fit any time it is used. Seriously, I took a shower 30 minutes ago and it is still making all sorts of clanking, knocking, rumbling noises. After a few months, I’ve finally gotten used to the sound. Problem is, if someone does actually knock on my back door with in 30 minutes of me using the dishwasher, shower or washing machine, they are going to be ignored. I will not be made a fool again by my water heater!


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