>The Drive by Shopper

I had a garage sale today. They are a lot of work. Got up at 6:20 to go put up signs. Dragged stuff out my house and the garage around 7:00am. People started showing the minute we put stuff in the front lawn. Here are some stats of the day.

Assistants to the sale: Janny Drover and Amanda Hanson
First purchase: Dishes
Last Purchase: Picture Frame
Biggest money maker: Austin’s dresser
Cheapest Item: The stuff in the Free Box
Moment I feel bad about: Selling a desk I knew would fall apart soon. (I warned her!)
Money made: $330!!
Embarrassing moment: Sophie growling and snapping at a stranger who approached her
Me wearing a fanny pack all day. It’s true.

Most Memorable Shopper:
This one deserves a story. I saw an older lady driving by very very slowly. Almost stopping to look. She passes, only to return for another slow drive-by. She then motions me over to her car. and asks me how much the dog kennels are. I tell her and she says she’ll take them. I realized then she was expecting me to get them for her and take them to her car so I told her to pull over closer to the curb. She halfway did- still sticking out into West blvd-a very busy street. As she was stayed put, she explained that she couldn’t walk but loved to garage sale. I softened.
The shopping continued.
And the traffic slowed.
She asked how much one of my mirrors was. I told her $15.00. She gave a sour face and asked about another mirror. Still too expensive. She explained that she was looking for a mirror for her friend in the nursing home who doesn’t have on in her room. I’m a sucker so I told her she could have it to give away. She was delighted.
Meanwhile traffic is backing up because this lady’s car is sticking into the street. I try to hurry her along but she continued to tell me stories about her nursing home friend.
We said our goodbyes finally. I realized then she had completely backed traffic up. People were getting angry. She was clueless.
Two minutes later, a slow moving mini-van drives past again. Stops again. motions me over again. Begins shopping again. She ended up buying a sweatshirt, bookcase, cooking dish and something else. Each time, we would bring the object to her car, she would examine, we would put it in the back of her car if she wanted it. It was quite humorous. But she was my favorite.
By noon, we had sold almost everything. It was a huge success!!
Now begins the debate between Austin and I on how to spend the money. Patio Furniture vs. Honeymoon money. Bet you can guess who wants what…

Special Thanks to my mom and Amanda. It would not have happened without them.


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