>Something Shady Went Down…

>…right outside my door!

So a few nights ago, I was sleeping soundly in my bed with Sophie underneath on her little pallet. I woke up at 2 am to a sskkkrreeeeeaaaaaachhh- BAMMM.

I realized I had just heard a car accident right in front of my house. There was an eerie silence outside as I tried to figure out what to do. Sophie heightened the dramatic feel of the night by her barking and growling.

Well I get up, peek out and see the collision. It was pretty significant. There were a bunch of guys standing around it on their phones so I assumed nobody was seriously hurt. As I watched- as best I could without my contacts-I saw that some of them were obviously angry with the others. One was trying to calm two men down from fighting. At this point I felt like I was going to be a witness to something so I peeked through the blades of my shade as sneaky as I possibly could. I decided I needed a better look so I went to get my glasses. I stumbled over Sophie, a box of hangers, and some other things in the process. For some reason I felt like I needed to be really quiet so the angry men didn’t hear me. (2 am mental processing…)

After finally finding my glasses- I went to another window for a better view. Again, being as sneaky as I can- making sure no lights are on. (Again, for some reason I thought they would come threaten me or something worse if they knew I was watching…) So in my stealthy way, I continued to spy.

When I looked through the blind, I realized they had moved the cars down the street to a different location… why? I’m not sure. Shady.
Then, I saw about five of the men make a decision to leave the scene. So this group of guys just walks away down West Blvd in the rain. Real Shady.
Following that, one of the two cars leaves! Really Shady.
The other car was too messed up to drive away so 3 of the men stayed with that. I watched for a little longer until I realized the drama was over. Then went back to bed.

So many questions… So few answers.


2 thoughts on “>Something Shady Went Down…

  1. >I used to do the same thing when I lived in Walnut. Whenever something shady was going on in the parking lot across the street, I would stealthily (in the dark, of course) creep to my window and try to look from the side so they wouldn't know I was looking. I was so sure someone was going to come up to my apartment, break in, and attack me because I watched them. Generally, it was just a quiet drug deal or a shouting match, so I was probably pretty safe, right? HA

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