>Man Shower

Last weekend Austin and I had a shower in Glen Carbon, IL. It was a co-ed outdoor themed shower.

It was pretty fun. Except slightly awkward when we were opening presents and I didn’t know who the giver was to look at and thank. Even more awkward when the person was a family member. There were tons of second cousins and extended relatives that I have seen all my life but never really known who they are. Busted.

One of the highlights was getting a new grill. The one I had was 8 yeas old, had holes from hail, and was rusting in the middle. Oh, and the ignition button didn’t work so I felt endangered every time I had to stick a lighter in the middle of it and crank on the propane gas.

The new grill came in about 100 pieces though. It took Austin and I 1.5 hours to put it together. We did it though. No fights. No throwing of the tools. Only one minor mistake. We considered it a victory.

On a different note, I got to have some quality girl-hang time yesterday. Every girl in the room had their own blog and the conversation often drifted back to blogging. It kind of inspired me to write more. So you may being seeing more of Polly Wolly Doodle all the Day.


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