>Conquoring fears, one by one

>Today was a milestone day for me.

For a few days now, our garbage disposal has made a horrible sound when turned on. All of my roommates have successfully ignored the symphony of metal on metal every time it’s used.

Today, it was my turn to ignore it. As I washed out a bowl and flipped that friendly little switch that usually washes away all the nastiness, I was greeted with the familiar screeching I’ve heard all week long.

I’ve always had a fear of garbage disposals.
I don’t like to look down them. I don’t like to smell them. I don’t like to hear them. And I sure as heck would never reach down one. That was until today…

My first step towards victory was taking a look into it…. Nothing. It was too dark.
So I got my cell phone to provide some light.
I’m sure I was the epitome of a modern women as I stood above the hole with my cell phone held out in hopes of catching a glimpse of the culprit making all the noise.

I had a choice. Do I walk away and wait for the next person to figure out what is down there?
Not this time…

It took all the estrogen my system to conjure up the matriarchal duty I was about perform. But I did it. I put my hand down the garbage disposal. And not only that, but I had to feel around. A lot. I felt the 4 little blades that serve us oh-so-well throughout the week. And then I found it. A loose piece. I pulled it out to discover it was half of a corn-on-the-cob holder. You know those things you put on the end of the cobs to give you a handle? Well I found half of one. That meant I had to go back in for the second half.

So I stuck my hand down the garbage disposal. Again.
Found it.

Thinking my ordeal was over, I flipped the switch hoping to hear the sound of blades hitting nothing but air. Nope. More clatter.

I went in again. Found another half. Which meant, I had to go in one more time.
Four times! I stuck my hand down that thing, 4 times.


Garbage Disposal-0


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