>New Low…

>For some reason, I am a magnet for pranks. I have a couple theories as to why this is, but no concrete reason… I think the simple fact that I work with high school students for a living explains enough. As a “prank magnet”…
I’ve had my yard tee-peed countless times. Oh, and forked once too.
I’ve had my car painted 10+ times.
I’ve found human poop on a plate in my driveway.
My house has been decorated with lights/balloons/streamers more than once.
My toilet seat has been saran-wrapped.
My bedroom was once filled up with hundreds of balloons.
Shall I go on?
I tell myself, “Polly, this is the way kids show love…” I can usually take it in stride, clean up the damage and move on with my life.

That was until this one…

The pranks have hit a new low.

I should inform The Crossing that they didn’t include this in my job description.


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