>Babysitting Moments

>I babysat a few days ago. It is a four year old boy named Luke. When Luke showed up the most important thing he wanted me to know was that he brought a screwdriver. I didn’t think this would affect our time so I responded with excitement. Little did I know that this pink handled screwdriver would accompany us every where we went. We could only walk 1 or 2 minutes before I would hear, “Can you wait for me?” He would proceed to crouch down and viciously dig a hole with this screwdriver. It was pretty entertaining.

Another highlight of our time worth mentioning was at the play ground. Luke wanted me to hold him and assist him swinging from the monkey bars. What he didn’t mention was that he had gas. Apparently the swinging made him tense up and unleash multiple farts 1 foot from my head.

As funny as this was, it was topped off when he had to go “poopy” back at my house. He said he didn’t need any help, so I believed him. After a few minutes in the bathroom, I hear a proud shout of “I’m done!” He didn’t come out so I assumed (correctly) that he was waiting for me to come in. I opened the door and there Luke is on all fours, butt facing me, waiting to be wiped. It’s hard to keep your composure in moments like this but I think I did my best as I fulfilled babysitting duties.

There were some other funny moments in our time but the most precious was towards the end. We were sitting quietly outside, munching on some goldfish. Luke was peacefully fixated on the sky. After a few moments of silence and looking at the clouds, he sincerely asked me, “How are going to get up there?”

A four year old left me speechless and smiling.


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