>Has it really been since November 15th since I last posted? Woops.
Well here are some cliffnotes of the life of PDrove.

Slumdog Millionaire
Best movie I have seen in a long long time. We took an adventure into the Ragtag for the first time ever last night! It’s a great place! Comfy seats, glass of wine, cozy environment- you can’t go wrong.

Beautician in the Making
That’s right- I have begun to explore my secret ambition- being a hair stylist. Well not so much a stylist. A hair cutter. In the past week, Jeanna and Austin have trusted me with their “dos.” No horror stories yet. Anyone want to be a guinea pig for me? It’s free!

Current Book: Three Cups of Tea
So far I give it a 7.5. It’s interesting but not so much a page turner. I’m excited to start the Twilight series though.

Senior High
It’s been pretty slow lately. Getting back in the swing after break, but it is a season where there just isn’t much going on. I am kinda making up projects rather than trying to keep up. It’s funny how sometimes this job sucks up my all my emotional energy and life and other times I don’t feel like I have a job.

New Years Eve
Got to be with The Council! It is a rare occasion when the BFF’s are all in the same place. Chicago, St. Louis, South Korea, and Columbia rarely intersect. Glad we made it happen.

Musical Choices
After moving on from “Fourth Circle” by Enter the Worship Circle, I have found myself drawn to Iron and Wine. It is gentle yet intriguing. However, the all time favorite song right now is my lady Beyonce “Single Ladies.”

What’s a girl to do?
This coming week, Emily Camp is still traveling the world, Jeanna is heading to Europe, and Austin is heading to Jamaica. So pretty much the people I see and spend 80% of my time with are out of the country. Anyone want to hang?


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