>“To be a child is not necessarily to be a son or daughter. The childship is the lower condition of the upward process towards the sonship…God can no more than an earthly parent be content to have only children: he must have sons and daughters- children of his soul, of his spirit, of his love- not merely in the sense that he loves them, or even that they love him, but in the sense that they love like him, love as he loves. For this he does not adopt them; he dies to give them to himself and into himself- for he is the one and the all. His children are not his real, true sons and daughters until they think like him, feel with him, judge as he judges, are at home with him, and without fear before him because he and they mean the same thing, love the same things, seek the same ends. For this are we created; it is the one end of our being…” -George MacDonald

Lord, I want this.
To move from being a child to a daughter of yours.
Help me to think like you, feel like you, judge like you, be at home with you, love the same things as you, want the same things you want.
Shape me into a daughter of yours.


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