>A Sign from God (apparently)

>So for the past two years, I have led a small group called Thursday Morning Bible Study for high school girls. I am continually amazed that these girls pull themselves out of bed to meet at Panera before school every Thursday morning. Well this coming Thursday will be the first day of school. I had two ladies, Hayley and Karis ask me if we can have bible study that Thursday. I told them we would wait a week so it wouldn’t be too much since it is their first day of school and all. Well these girls found a way to protest my decision.

I get home from watching the Olympics. I’m home alone, 11:00pm and get a call leading me to look in my back yard. As I look out, this is what I see…
This sign was a list of ingredients for a good bible study. Some were: Panera, free bagels, coffee spills, 1 spoonful of love, late arrivals, etc. Very Creative!

One last plea…So after considering the fact that high school girls were begging me to have bible study, I caved. Bible study is happening. This Thursday. 7am. You win, high school girls. You always do.

2 thoughts on “>A Sign from God (apparently)

  1. >that is incredible. what a blessing to have kids in your lives that want you to share Jesus with them that much! they make me want to go to thursday morning bible study! good job caving…how could you have ignored such an outright "sign from God"????

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