>Creatures of Alaska


Creatures of Alaska
So while in Alaska, I have had some first hand encounters with quite few new species. Some more dangerous than others. Here is a brief rundown on some of my new critter friends.


These funny looking fish have both eyes on one side of their head. We took an all day fishing trip to catch these little nasties. They taste yummy though.


Apparently, moose kill more people than bears in Alaska. We have seen these sad looking horses roaming around our house in the morning. From what we have been told, they kill people by stomping them to death. Umm, scary.

Killer Whale

OK- this was really cool. While on an early morning fishing trip, 25+ killer whales started showing up and swimming around us. Some of them even jumped out of the water and did a little show for us. It was incredible.

Sting Ray

Leslie, Will, and my dad managed to catch a sting ray while fishing for halibut. These suckers do not come in easily either. We were happy to throw them back in the water but they were really cool to see up close.


I think the coolest creatures we have encountered have been the bears. On a fishing trip, one came within 5 feet of our boat! They are so fun to watch but I felt a little more comfortable seeing them from far away rather than swimming up to our boat.

Captain Bob

So captain Bob was one interesting creature. I was a little creeped out by him but I guess he knew what he was doing. Just try not to catch sting ray or else he gets really moody.

There were other critters such as eagles, salmon, trout, and mosquitoes. I didn’t want to make this TOO long and lose your interest.

Before your eyes glaze over, take a close look at the picture below

Drovers’ Rovers

Yes, everyone in this picture is wearing a matching shirt saying “Drovers’ Rovers.” Linnea (in the blue shirt) came prepared with a personalized shirt and coolie cup for every person in our group. We went out to dinner wearing our gear. It was quite hilarious.

Well I think that wraps up some of the wildlife we have encountered. Tomorrow is our last full day here and then we are headed home. I’m not really looking forward to the 90 degree weather and humidity waiting but I am ready to re-establish life in Columbia after an extremely busy summer.

Over and Out…


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