>Airport Ooops


Almost there!

For those who may not know, my entire family is in Alaska right now. Well actually, we’re on a 6 hour plane ride on our way into Anchorage. Despite my father’s meticulous vacation planning, he could not anticipate the first minor crisis in our travels… locking the keys in the car AT the airport.

As we pulled into the KC airport to unload our luggage, no one thought about preventing such a juvenile mistake. We unloaded our suitcases like confident, professional travelers. With a final slam of the trunk, an eerie silence fell as we all tried to open our doors. As we peered through the windows of our locked car, we could see the keys in the ignition- pulled out just enough to where the car would allow itself to lock. (Nice one Will.)

After the realization set in, I immediately called my good friends at AAA and requested some breaking-in assistance. I was a little worried they would remember me from when I called two nights ago for the same reason. They responded quickly with not one truck- but TWO. Apparently the KCI “Car Care” service got called as well so we had two young men as well as a police officer trying to break into Gary’s precious Caddy. After about 30 minutes, The Cadillac released its hold and let us in. My mother responded with cheers and hugs for the new-found heroes of our vacation.

So we’re on our way. I’m pretty excited. More blogs to come!


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