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>I’m in Jamaica!


You’re probably thinking, “Polly, why the heck are you blogging from Jamaica?” Well, my friends, I’m actually not blogging from Jamaica. I have written this post a few days prior to the trip and have it scheduled to post while I’m there. 
Another question you may ask, “Polly, what the heck are you DOING in Jamaica?” 
My answer to that is, “Working my butt off and probably sweating more than I should be.”
Let me give you some visuals of the things I might be doing this week:
(These pictures are from last year’s trip)
Lots of hauling things around.
Lots of shoveling.
Moving, dumping, and sifting lost of buckets of gravel
But of course, taking some time to play…
Did I mention, getting buff throughout the week?
We may put up a house or two.
We’ll probably take a hike to the top of a mountain.
And of course play and dance with kiddos every night.
Arts and crafts are a must.
Hanging out and getting to know the community is one of the best parts.
After five days of work, we will head to Ocho Rios and have this view from our hotel…
I will most likely be having some pool time as well.
The sunsets in Jamaica are unreal. I can’t wait to see one of these.
So that’s what I’ll be doing this week. Can’t wait to tell you more about it!

>Father’s Day


 That’s my dad. He’s pretty great. I’m sad I can’t be home for Father’s Day- I’ll actually be on my way to Jamaica for a week long mission trip. Knowing that I wouldn’t be around for Father’s Day, I got to thinking about a gift to make up for my absence. I think he’ll like this. 
It was a gift that involved my brother and sister as well. Together, we came up with about 30 “Things We Learned from Dad.”
We collected funny, sweet, and sentimental things that Dad has taught us over the years and put them in a scrapbook.
 For example, these pages say, “How to Grow a Garden” and “How to Lead by Example.”
 “How to avoid fast food when on a road trip.”  “How to get a chainsaw stuck in a tree.”

 “How to get lost while driving.” and “Each person deserves respect, no matter how different they are.”

That’s just a taste of the list we put together.  As I was making the scrapbook I had a lot of time to reflect on all that my dad has taught us over the past 27+ years. I am so thankful for a Father who models integrity, love, self-discipline, leadership, balance and so much more. 
Love you, Dad! Sorry I was such a little turd growing up! :)

>A REAL Toolbox


As I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon a post that sparked some interest. It was about what every sufficient tool box should contain. For some reason, something in me likes to see if I pass tests like these. Despite the disorganization of our current tool box (see below) I think we are pretty well equipped. Lets find out.

A REAL toolbox here which should include the following AT LEAST:

A Claw Hammer 
 Easy. I think we have a few actually.
Nails and Screws 
Lots of those. I even have them organized and separated into jars. 
 Yep. Lots of those too. Almost too many. 

Crosscut saw
 I don’t think we have one of these actually. So far we haven’t had any urgent sawing needs. 

3/8″ Power Drill
Thank you wedding gifts. We got one of these puppies way back in October. I think it is one of Austin’s favorites.  
Carpenter’s Level 
I picked one of these up at an estate sale a few months ago. We’ve used it quite a bit. 
Adjustable Wrench 
We have it. I’ve never used it. I’m sure it’s good to have though. 
Slip-Joint Plyers 
Yep. Got those too. I like the feel of the grippers on them.
We’re doing well on this quiz! 
Utility Knife 
The one we have is somewhat of a safety hazard, but it works. I think it was my grandmas or something. 
Metal Retracting Tape Measure
We use ours all the time. When I was a kid, I used to be scared of the sound and feel of it recoiling. I would always drop it and run away. I’m sure that made my dad really happy. 
 I was initially a skeptic of our need of a hacksaw but after we got one as a wedding gift, I became a firm believer in the need of this tool if you own a yard. 
Um yes. I use this all the time on my projects. We always have a stock of this around the house.  

Toilet Plunger 
Luckily we haven’t had much use for ours. But we do have one waiting for the day we will desperately need it. 
Drain Auger
Nope. Don’t own one. We do know multiple people who do though so we’ll probably just borrow unless I find one at a garage sale or something. 

Toilet Auger  
I really hope we don’t have to use one of these. We don’t have one and hopefully we’ll never need one. Who knows though- we do live in a 60+ year old house. 

Work Gloves/Rubber Gloves
  Yep. Got both. They are both a necessity. We actually purchased the rubber gloves when Austin got ambitious and unclogged our slow sink drain. He pulled out a decomposing hairball. I tried to convince him it wasn’t mine. That didn’t work too well. 
I think it’s safe to say, our house is pretty well stocked for basic, maintenance needs. As long as we don’t have any major clogs that is…

>Professor Trelawney’s Bookself


All you Harry Potter fans know what I’m talking about. It’s true. My mom found a bookshelf for me that most likely came from Hogwarts. Check it out. 
 I mean check this thing out…!
If you can see past the astrology doodles, there is a really neat shape behind the horrific paint job.
 I painted it all black with a high gloss spray paint. At first I didn’t like the look of the gloss but it grew on me. After it was all black, I still felt like it needed something.
 Maybe some cute knobs?
Yes I think so.
 How about some accent paint? 
Yep. That too.
 I love how much the cream paint lightened the piece up.
It has found its home in the corner of our living room. I love it! 
If you look closely, you can see the silhouette of the moon still. Probably should have sanded that down. Oh well. 



Every Monday during the summers, a group of lovely ladies gather together to craft at an event we’ve labeled, “Crafternoon.” The best part about this is, it’s part of my job. 
I know, I know. It’s really hard to go hang out with fun senior high girls and leaders, eat candy and sweets, and take part if a craft in which all the materials are provided. My life is hard. Here’s my most recent creation from Crafternoon.
I got this kleenex box cover from a garage sale a few months ago. 
If you don’t remember, here is the post.
They have been on my list of things to do but I just wasn’t feeling inspired.
Well, a few days ago, I realized I have a bunch of scissors kind of scattered around my crafting area. I was then hit with the idea of flipping this kleenex cover over and making it a container. 
After Mod Podgeing some wrapping paper that I picked up at Hobby Lobby and adding a ribbon, here’s how it turned out. I think it’s really cute!

>Baby Shower


Meet my Besties. They’re pretty great. 
Since our current residences are very far apart (South Korea, Minnesota, Missouri and Illinois) there are very few times we are all together. This weekend was one of those precious few times of the year that we were all in the same place. What was the special occasion, you may ask? A baby shower for Sara!!
 Before the festivities began, we managed to slip in a trip to Dairy Queen the night before. This is us all pondering what the indulgence of the evening will be.
 The next day, the four of us spent the day cooking up a storm for the shower. At this point in our lives, we have thrown more than enough showers so we were able to narrow down the shower foods to our absolute favorites.  I’m still nibbling on the leftover Oreo balls…
 Baby showers are new territory for us but I think we mastered the diaper cake pretty well. Actually Bonnie was the architect of this masterpiece but we can take some credit, right?
We couldn’t help but playing at least one shower game. I don’t think the attendees minded. A little madlibs never hurt anyone.
Here’s a picture of the baby-goods clothesline we put together. It was full of fun goodies. 
Overall, we considered the shower a success. Sara and (soon to be Lakin) are well stocked with onesies, bottles, crib accessories, embellished burp clothes and so much more.
Sophie, of course, attended the shower as well. She thoroughly enjoyed the food she received from the ladies who couldn’t say no to her big, begging eyes.

>My To-Do List


I’ve been described as an ambitious gal. After reviewing my ever-growing To-Do list, I would agree. Here’s what’s on the radar for the future.

 Eye Glass Case
 Patchwork Pillow

Harry Potter Pillow
 Monster Pockets
 Bow Bag
 Wall Decoration

>I’ve got a little hippie in me


There are very few stores I am loyal to. I just don’t care enough to make frequent visits to the same store. However, there is one exception to this principle in my life:

I don’t know how to describe the glory of this grocery store. They have foods you can’t find anywhere else. The closest one is 100 miles away so any time I’m close to St. Louis, I try to make a stop. After shopping at this store last weekend, I felt like I was coming home with a treasure. Austin understood my excitement when he had his first bite of Super Nutty Toffee Cluster Cereal.  I also snagged a box of Flax Plus. I’ve never tried this before but thought I’d give it a shot.
I also picked up some dried peaches. The smell a little like feet but they taste so good!

I just kept finding things that I wanted to try… such as these charmingly chewy oatmeal raisin cookies.

It never hurts to have a little muffin mix around- especially if it’s whole wheat. I’m pretty pumped to give these guys a whirl.
Lastly, we have been feasting on these little goodies. Cherry Granola Cookies. LOVE them!
There were other items I bought- such as dark chocolate covered pretzel slims. I don’t have a picture of those because we ate them so fast. I’m thinking those will be added to the shopping list any time we are in a Trader Joe’s city.
Thanks for joining me on my shopping trip. Take advantage of a Trader Joe’s if you live near one. It’s probably good that there isn’t one in my home town. The budget would be in major trouble.

>A Stormy Night



We are dog sitting a friend’s dog, Jasper for the week. Jasper is a bit prone to anxiety. In fact, he has a weakness in thunderstorms. 
Around 2 a.m. last night, we heard Jasper barking from the other room. He was well aware of the thunderstorm approaching. Long story short, Austin ended up sleeping on the couch right next to Jasper in order to keep him calm. I am once again amazed at my husband’s selflessness-especially for a dog that thinks his primary job is to worry, pace, and drool.
Well done, Austin. Your kindness and patience far exceeds your wife’s.