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>Fish Bone

>This weekend, I am flying solo. Austin is at a two night Veritas retreat (the ministry he works for). When I’m home alone, I take advantage of things that I can’t when he is here. Specifically in what I eat for meals. While I am completely satisfied with eating yogurt, granola, and fruit for dinner, Austin needs a little more substance.

Anyway, tonight I decided to try a new salmon recipe. It was called Maple Glazed Salmon with Pineapples. Since Austin doesn’t like pineapples (weird I know) I thought this was a perfect time to try it out.

The salmon I was eating was our wild Alaskan salmon we caught this summer. Maybe even the one I am holding in this picture.
Well, the thing with wild salmon is there are sometimes little skinny bones in it. We’ve learned to eat around them and pick them out.

I start eating away at my maple glazed salmon (it was delicious by the way.) As I’m chewing one bite, I noticed a bone in it. I try to dig it out but it slips away to the back of my throat. I pause…swallow…don’t feel anything…take another big bite to help it down…pause…don’t feel anything…declare myself “not choking” and move on.

A few minutes later, as I was cleaning up, I noticed a presence in my throat. I swallowed a few more times. Yep. Something is definitely there.

At first, I tell myself that it will work its way down. Just ignore it. You’ll be fine. Drink some water. Move on.

However, somehow my mind pulls up a memory of a Rescue 911 episode where a girl unknowingly swallowed a bone and 30 minutes later was choking on it because it wouldn’t go down her throat.

My mind keeps stirring…

“I’m home alone…”
“What if I passed out?”
“No one would find me for 3 days…”
“Should I call someone?”
“Polly, it’s just a fish bone. You’re not going to die.”
“I bet that’s what the chick on Rescue 911 thought too…”

So, like any person seeking medical information does, I went to the Internet. Surprisingly, what I found calmed me down rather than sending me on a one way trip to the ER.

“If you believe you have a fish bone stuck in your throat, and coughing does not dislodge the bone, you may try bread and almond/peanut butter.  If the bone can be dislodged without medical intervention the thick glob of bread and nut butter will do it.  The sensation of “a bone stuck in your throat” may persist for several days after the actual object has been dislodged due to irritation of the esophagus.”

Peanut butter? I can do that?
I dig out a big spoon full, grab some pretzels, and give myself an excuse to chow down on a post dinner snack.

I didn’t necessarily feel a dislodging but I felt safer imagining the sticky peanut butter going down my esophagus and taking anything and everything with it. 

So here I am, on the couch, accompanied by four-yes-four dogs (I’m dogsitting two of my sisters dogs) and fighting to believe there is nothing still in my throat. I’m sure I’m fine. It’s just crazy how fast your mind can run when you feel threatened.

I thought I’d just share this little humorous story. I’m sure any young girl can relate. I might just have to go get some ice cream… just to make sure it went all the way down :)

>Trunk Treasure


 Check out this transformation!
On my way to the dog part the other day, I was lured in by some estate sale signs. I’m so glad I stopped because I picked up this little treasure. 
Ugly. YES.
Potential? Absolutely.
I knew I wanted to recover it but wasn’t sure with what. That was until I made a visit to Anatol’s Fabric Outlet and discovered this beautiful fabric. These are for sure “Polly Colors” as my friend, Karis, would say.
It has texture too. Ughhhh- I just love it!
OK, so after I wiped away the drool, I got to work on this sad little trunk. First of all, only two of the wheels worked. I decided to remove them all. (Sophie always sneaks in my pictures!)
After that, I removed the hardware and the lid.
I initially was going to Mod Podge the inside I like I did on my bench a while back, but in a last minute decision, I went with painting the inside instead.
It got a little messy but I think it was a good decision.
Thank you, Lord, for water based paint. 
While that part was drying, I measured the height of the trunk and the circumference. I ended up cutting a 92×20 piece of fabric to wrap around it. 
I started in the back, and just staple-gunned the fabric to the bottom of the trunk all the way around. 
After the fabric was stapled, I reattached the hardware and the lid (which I had also covered with a 24×34 piece of fabric)
I can’t believe it is the same $5.00 trunk that I picked up!
It’s got lots of room for storage. Gotta love that. 

>Feeling Fruity


Today, I spent $13.00 on apples.
Yes. Apples.
For two people.

There is a reason for this madness though.
Honeycrisp Apples are back!

I absolutely LOVE Honeycrisp apples. I hope to enjoy every crisp bite of those freaking expensive apples.

One a different note, today I was scrounging around in my car for some change and found this in the middle compartment between the seats. It’s a rock hard, piece of fruit.

So many questions…

What is it?
How did it get into my middle compartment?
Why is it rock hard?
Why didn’t it decompose?
Why didn’t I smell it?
When the heck did I ever stick a orange/clementine/nectarine in there?

Like I said, so many questions.

>The Magic Bullet


So, I’m really excited. 
Today, I got a call from Austin’s grandma. They are cleaning out their basement and wanted to know if we wanted a few things. 
Umm, free stuff… yes please. 
I was a little hesitant because sometimes the free stuff from grandparents is, well, bless their hearts.
Anyway, I took a risk and went by to see what they were wanting to get rid of. 
I’m glad I did because they had a BRAND. NEW. Magic Bullet!
I’ve heard about the Magic Bullet and always kinda wanted one but never wanted to fork over $100 for one.
Needless to say, I was excited. So was Chauncey. He wanted in on the picture.
There are so many things you can do with this little guy. What should I do first??
Fruit smoothies are high on the list.
Cappuccino?? Yes please. 
Desserts?! Does it bake them too?? :)
Oh, in case you’re wondering… it does non-eatable products too. 
Haha. That’s funny.
So I might be over exaggerating my excitement a bit but I really am looking forward to having this appliance around. 
Any tips or recipes you want to share would be much appreciated. 

>Casserole Carrier


I’m so excited to share this project with the world.
I made my own casserole carrier!
 The reason I’m so excited about it is, I made up my own pattern for it! I saw something similar on another blog and thought, I could do that…
 And, well, I did.
 I even added a little utensil holder.
 It folds up, Velcros, and keeps your delicious dish warm. 
 I think they will make pretty good gifts to all the women in my life. Who knows, they might start popping up on my Etsy sight as well.

>Drink Idea?


I’m about to share a family secret. 
Guests love it.
Kids love it.
Husbands love it.
Mix these two together.
 Add about 7 cans of water. (Use the can the juice came in.)
And you get this.
There you go. You’re in on the secret. 
I have yet to find a person who doesn’t like this juice. 
Shhh… Tell people they have to read my blog to get the recipe :)

>Shower Me


Polly, why is there a ziplock bag around your shower head??
Well, friends. Let me tell you why.
Over the course of time, a pleasant showering experience was turning into an exfoliation treatment. What I mean by this is that the water was coming out with such fury that it hurt! 
At first, I thought it was just me. Maybe my skin got more sensitive? Maybe the water was too hot? I was confused. Then, Austin mentioned something about how it was hurting him too. Whew- I wasn’t crazy!
Upon closer examination, I realized that hard water deposits were clogging up our shower head holes- making the water come out at an uncomfortable speed.  Ouch.
Anyway, I recalled reading somewhere that if you soak your shower head in vinegar and water, it dissolves the hard water deposits. We went to work trying to remove the shower head. We had wrenches, pliers, and other random tools out. Our efforts were fruitless. After realizing that the stubborn shower head was not willing to move, we decided to bring the vinegar water to it. Hence, the ziplocked bag over the shower head.
We mixed half cup of vinegar and half cup of water. Let it soak overnight. Despite the nasty smell, it was a success! 
We can once again enjoy the gentle pitter patter of water upon our backs.